Experiencing Croatia in 10 Unforgettable Days: The Ultimate Itinerary

Experiencing Croatia in 10 Unforgettable Days: The Ultimate ItineraryCheck out our ALL INCLUSIVE offers Planning an unforgettable journey across Croatia in just ten days? Look no further – we've crafted the perfect itinerary to help you explore the very best of this stunning Balkan nation. Croatia, with its rich history, pristine beaches, and picturesque coastline, [...]

Croatia’s Tourist Scene: 10% More Fun and Sun!

Croatia's Tourist Scene: 10% More Fun and Sun!Check out our ALL INCLUSIVE offers Istria, Split, and Dubrovnik emerge as the top-rated destinations, showcasing noteworthy increases in visitor numbers for both Zagreb and Continental Croatia. Gather 'round, wanderlust enthusiasts! If you've been dreaming of exploring the sun-soaked wonders of Croatia, this year might just be the [...]

Exciting Winter Plans for 2023/2024

Exciting Winter Plans for 2023/2024Check out our ALL INCLUSIVE offers Croatia Airlines: Taking Flight with Exciting Winter Plans for 2023/2024! Winter is coming, but don't worry, the skies are still full of excitement and possibilities thanks to Croatia Airlines! Brace yourselves for an air travel upgrade like no other as the national carrier reveals its [...]

The City Of Hvar

The City Of HvarCheck out our ALL INCLUSIVE offers Hvar: Where History, Sunshine, and a Splash of Lavender Unite! Nestled in the embrace of the shimmering Adriatic Sea, the city of Hvar emerges as a dazzling gem on Croatia's Dalmatian Coast. This charming destination is more than just a place on the map; it's an [...]

Why Plitvice Lakes?

Why Plitvice Lakes?Check out our ALL INCLUSIVE offers Nature's Artistry Unveiled: A Mesmerizing Journey Through Plitvice Lakes. In a world brimming with remarkable natural wonders, Plitvice Lakes stands as a masterpiece painted by Mother Nature herself. Tucked away in the heart of Croatia, this ethereal paradise is a symphony of cascading waterfalls, vivid turquoise lakes, [...]

10% Discount for Advance Payment

10% Discount for Advance Payment Are you planning a summer vacation in Croatia and looking for an affordable car rental option? Look no further than Prestigio rent a car! Not only do we offer competitive prices, but we also provide a discount for those who pay in advance. Paying in advance may seem daunting, but [...]

Explore Split

Explore Split Exploring the city of Split in Croatia and its surrounding areas is an exciting adventure. With breathtaking views of the Adriatic Sea, beautiful beaches, historic sites, and a vibrant culture, Split has something to offer for everyone. To truly experience everything this region has to offer, renting a car from Prestigio is the [...]

Road Trip in Croatia

Road Trip in Croatia Car rental with us Are you planning a road trip to Croatia? If so, one of the most important things you'll need is a reliable and affordable car rental. Prestigio Rent A Car is the perfect solution for all your needs. Whether you're on a tight budget or looking for a [...]

All Inclusive Rates

All Inclusive Car Rental Rates Trip to Croatia If you're planning a trip to Croatia and need a rental car, you may be wondering about the best way to get a good deal. One option to consider is all-inclusive car rental rates with Prestigio Rent A Car. With locations throughout Croatia, Prestigio offers a range [...]

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