Car rental terms and conditions


1. This agreement regulates mutual relations between Prizmic Ltd. (in after lessor) and the user (in after renter). The lessor gives and the renter takes rented vehicle within the period of time and under the condition stated on both sides of this agreement.
2. All provided personal data are on voluntarily base and will be used exceptionally for necessary communication, or on demand of Croatian competent authorities.
3. By signing rental agreement renter acknowledges and agrees:
– that he/she is minimum 21 years old with valid driving licence
– that he/she has taken vehicle in a good operating condition with all necessary and requested equipment and accessories
– that he/she will cover the fuel cost during the rental period and that she/he is aware of fear fuel policy practiced by RAC
– to take care of the technical condition and obligatory periodical service of the car, particularly to check and add if needed water and oil, to control tyre pressure regularly. Receipt for motor oil and lubricants and regular maintenance (except washing) shall be presented to lessor (and must be addressed to Prizmic d.o.o.) and will be refunded. Coast reimbursement for any parts, devices and assembly changed on rented vehicle is possible only if it was permitted by lessor. Any damages caused by insufficient maintenance, including damage or theft of the tyres, wheels or wheels cover will be charged to renter in the entire amount of vehicle reparation plus the amount of lost profit due to vehicle is not being used and the damage handling fee. The fee is applicable also in case of documentation or registration table’s loss.
– not to use car: for new drivers training; for any illegal purposes; to push or tow other vehicle; for participation in any kind sports event of competition
– not to overload rented vehicle by passengers or load more than permitted by technical maximum
– to use rented vehicle only for personal use,
– that the vehicle will be operated only by principal driver and persons authorized in writing on this agreement or by lessor, under the condition that all authorized drivers meets all necessary documentation and qualifications
– hired vehicle cannot be subleased by renter
– that he/she is familiar with actual Prizmic RAC price list, terms and conditions and insurance policy provided by rental agreement.
In case of validation of abovementioned the lessor is allowed to cancel rental agreement and the renter agrees to cover all lessors losses he should suffer in amount established by lessor.
4. Renter should return vehicle with all equipment and accessories provided, in exact time and place as noted in rental agreement or earlier if lessor demands, otherwise he/she will be charged the amount of daily rent cost minimum.
5. Renter is not allowed to cross Croatian border without lessor’s permission.
6. Prolongation of rental period is possible only if renter request it minimum 48 hours prior check in, otherwise additional coast in amount of double daily rates will be charged. If renter prolong rental period without permission of lessor, police authorities will be called and renter will be financially and morally responsible.
7. By signing rental agreement, renter authorise lessor to charge him/her for all traffic offences, parking tickets and any other fines if they are result from validation of legislation of the Republic of Croatia during the rental period from preauthorized founds on credit card submitted on check out.
8. Renter agrees to protect the interests of lessor and his insurance company if traffic accident occur by:
– collecting all personal data of parties involved,
– not abandoning hired vehicle without adequate safeguard and security
– calling the police station and submitting to police written report of the accident, even in a case of slight damage. In case of greater damage or if persons are injured obligation is to call and wait for the police and to notify lessor. If any of mentioned above renter fails to do he/she will be liable for all consequences lessor may suffer therefor. In case of theft of hired vehicle renter is to inform police and lessor and to provide written statement. The lessor holds no responsibility in case the theft is a result of renter’s negligence. Renter must in such case reimburse to lessor whole value of hired vehicle enlarged for the value of profit loss that lessor will suffer.
9. All vehicles are covered with third party liability insurance Basic insurance, Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) and the Theft Protection (TP) reduces renter’s responsibility to excess amount. Excess amount depends on car group. They do not cover any damages and losses renter is responsible of. By paying daily extra payment for personal accident insurance (PAI) driver and passengers are insured in case of death or disability up to the amount prescribed by lessors insurance company and Croatian laws Excess amount may be bought off by extra daily payment of Super Collision Damage Waiver (SCDW/LDW). insurance does not cover damage to the tyres and hubs, damage to underside, inside and windshield of the car, damage to engine due to lack of oil or wrong fuel/oil filling, or careless driving, damage caused by driver under drugs or alcohol influence, unauthorized driver, driver without valid driving licence, or any damages caused by situations prohibit by rules of insurance company. INSURANCE DOES NOT COVER FOR ANY DAMAGE WITHOUT POLICE REPORT. Extra daily payment of WUG (wheel, underside and glass) will provide renters coverage of damages on tyres, underside and glass.
10. Renter releases lessor (Prizmic d.o.o. Rent a Car) from liability for loss or damages to any property left stored or transported in or upon hired vehicle during and after the rental period. Prizmic Rent a Car is not responsible for any damages suffered by renter due to malfunction of the vehicle or to the delay of hired vehicle.
11. At Prizmic d.o.o.Rent a Car request, renter undertakes to pay the amount for the daily lease according to contacted prices, daily supplements and any additional coast calculated according to Price List. Renter authorises the Prizmic RAC to charge the coast of lease directly to cards issuer. If renter has chosen to pay directly to the account of Prizmic RAC he is obligated to so until date issued by invoice. In case of delay Prizmic d.o.o. RAC will charge penalties.
12. Any alternation of terms and conditions of this rental agreement are valid only if confirmed in writing and signed by both parties.
13. All disputes arising from this agreement are under jurisdiction of court in Split. In case of disputes only Croatian text shell be used in interpreting agreement whereas English version is a translation of Croatian original.
14. Working Hours:
Our car rental service operates from 8:00 to 21:00 on all days of the week.
Out-of-Hours Service:
Vehicle pick-up or drop-off outside our regular working hours, that is, after 21:00 and before 08:00, is considered an out-of-hours service. As such, an additional fee of 50,00 EUR will be applicable.
Out-of-hours services are subject to availability. We will make every effort to accommodate your request, but we cannot guarantee availability for all out-of-hours requests. It is advisable to inform us as soon as possible to secure the desired out-of-hours service.
Upon receipt of your request for an out-of-hours service, we will confirm its availability and the applicable additional charge of 50,00 EUR. This charge will be added to the total rental cost and is to be paid along with the remaining rental fees upon vehicle pick-up.
15. These terms and conditions (the “Agreement”) govern the provision of a 10% discount on vehicle rental fees when paying in advance at least 14 days prior to taking over the vehicle. Please read this Agreement carefully before making any payment. By submitting payment, you acknowledge and agree to be bound by these terms and conditions.
– Customers must make the payment at least 14 days before the scheduled vehicle pickup date to be eligible for the discount.
– To avail the discount, customers must make a full payment of the estimated rental charges, excluding the discount, at least 14 days prior to the scheduled pickup date.
– Payments can be made using authorized payment methods accepted by the rental company.
16. These terms and conditions (the “Agreement”) govern the conditions for obtaining a full refund and the cancellation policy for reservations made with car rental suppliers. Please read this Agreement carefully before making any reservation. By making a reservation and submitting payment, you acknowledge and agree to be bound by these terms and conditions.
Full Refund:
– A full refund is possible if the client informs the car rental supplier at least 72 hours prior to the scheduled vehicle pick-up time.
– The refund will be issued for the total amount paid by the client.
Reservation Cancellation:
– Reservations that are paid in advance and canceled within a period less than 72 hours prior to the scheduled vehicle pick-up time will be subject to a cancellation fee.
– The car rental supplier will retain 10% of the total amount paid by the client as a cancellation fee.
Refund Process:
– Refunds, if applicable, will be processed by the car rental supplier within a reasonable time frame after receiving the cancellation request.
– The refund will be issued using the same payment method used for the original reservation, unless otherwise specified by the car rental supplier.
– If the client fails to pick up the reserved vehicle without providing prior notice of cancellation, the car rental supplier reserves the right to retain the full amount paid and consider the reservation as a no-show.
– No-show reservations are not eligible for a refund.
– The car rental supplier shall not be held liable for any loss, damage, or inconvenience arising from reservation cancellations or changes, including any resulting costs or expenses incurred by the client.

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